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The First Circle of Hell: Limbo


Although Casper was highly skeptical of the letter and its contents, there was an almost painful need to find out more information about his mother. That was the reason he found out when the new moon would be, he told himself. The only reason. He wouldn’t have believed any of this nonsense otherwise. When the day arrived, he was more distracted than he had ever been. Time passed unbearably slowly and it seemed that everyone he met wanted to talk. Casper didn’t even attempt to be polite anymore; all he could think about was the new moon and the information he might receive.

The weather turned wet and even though it wasn’t raining hard, Casper wore his raincoat when he went outside. It had a fairly deep hood, which he used to hide his face from anyone who might be watching. With his hands tucked into his pockets and his face obscured by the hood, hopefully he was anonymous.

Inwardly cursing the stick he’d stepped on, Casper paused a few feet away from the cloaked figure. He spoke with the same pretentious words the letter had been written in, which made Casper feel like he’d come to the right place. “When you dangle information that I want over my head, of course I’ll come,” he said with a huff. Glancing around and seeing no one, he took a couple steps closer. Although he studied the figure carefully, he couldn’t see any distinguishing marks. “My name is Casper Hoffman. Who are you?”

                           ”I’d hardly refer to what I did as dangling.” He retorted, taking long strides towards the young body. The figure walked with pride and purpose; a walk perfected by Kings and Emperors, the walk of a man who knew he had power. Reaching out, the man placed two gloved fingers under Casper’s chin and moved it side to side allowing him to study the Virtues face further. “You look just like him, you know, spitting image if I should say so myself…” trailing off, he removed his fingers from Casper’s chin and let them fall back to his sides “though I never personally knew your Mother, honestly I don’t believe I’ve even seen a picture of her, though we’re not here to discuss linage, are we boy?”
                  Turning away from the lanky boy, the figure walked over to a stump and seated himself upon it before motioning for Casper to sit down. “Tell me Casper, what do you know of your Mother’s death?”

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The First Circle of Hell: Limbo


There’s a letter in Casper’s mailbox. Black envelope, the Virtue’s address written in silver ink, no return address. Inside the envelope there is just a piece of paper: “The Answer you Seek Lies with the Prophet in the Woods. Your curiosity shall be filled with the new moon.”
That is all that is written upon the page.

"What the hell?" Frowning, Casper glanced at the envelope again, to make sure the letter really was his. But that was his name and address, so clearly it belonged to him. Turning on his heel, he left the mail room and went in search of a quiet place to look at the letter again. His room was out of the question, in case his roommate or one of the other students became curious. The library was also out of the question, for similar reasons. Finally he found an empty room and shut the door, hoping that would deter anyone walking by.

Once he was alone, he pulled the letter back out. After a thorough examination of the envelope, which revealed nothing useful, he set it aside and studied the text of the letter once more. There was only one answer he sought - who had killed his mother. If this meant that someone had information … but he had no idea who was meant by the prophet in the woods. Although, now that he thought about it a little harder, there were rumors of someone skulking about in the woods. Perhaps that’s who was meant by the prophet. The new moon most likely referred to the lunar cycle. He might have his answers.

If any of this was true or trustworthy.

Snorting, Casper folded the letter and tucked it back into the envelope. If he trusted every random piece of information he found, then he would be in a lot of trouble. But then, most of the time he didn’t receive slightly ominous letters in his mailbox. If there was even the slightest chance that he would find out the truth about what had happened, or that he could bring justice to the person who had murdered his mother, he would take it.

                     The wait for the new moon was agony, day in and day out he would sit near the edge of the forest and watch just as he did the week before and the week before that and the week before that and so on and so forth. As the semester had progressed, he’d begun to keep tabs on certain students; a Wrath who’s fire had extinguished, a forlorn looking Gluttony, and -of course- the Virtues. That’s how the boy had come to his attention. This boy looked to much like him, talked to much like him, and even held the same overly focused stare that he did. But he had to be sure.
                       At dusk of the night of the new moon, it had begun to lightly rain. First he cursed mother nature, this cloak was made of velvet and linen with clasps of plated silver! Why of all days had it be today that it rained. reaching into the cloaks pocket the man turned his face to the pinks and oranges of the setting sun, inhaling the damp musk of the forest before putting his porcelain mask up to his face and pulling the strap behind his head. Making sure that his black italian leather gloves were pulled up high enough to hide his wrists, the man proceeded to raise his hood to obscure his eyes and protect the mask from rain. It had been just in time too, not only moments later he heard the cracking of a stick that signaled Casper’s arrival.
                                 ”Welcome weary soul.” He whispered out, voice soft but firm “I see you came, though I’d be lying if I said I’m surprised you came. Tell me, boy, what’s your name?”

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You gentlemen who think you have a mission
                         To purge us of the seven deadly sins….
                                         …Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts